FrOSCamp 2010 in Zürich

FLOW3, Symfony CMF, JCR, Doctrine and CouchDB

A while ago Lukas Smith from Liip AG in Switzerland invited me to FrOSCamp in Zürich. He was gathering a group of people to talk about potentially using the JCR specification for the upcoming Symfony CMF. Added bonus: drive Jackalope and CouchDB for Doctrine further in two hackfests.

Among the attendees were not only Symfony developers but also Benjamin Eberlei (Doctrine Project), Nils Nadermann (phpBB), David Nuescheler (Day Software) and a lone FLOW3 developer - me.

On the first day David Nuescheler (the JCR specification lead) gave an introduction to JCR and talked about the plans for JSR-333 (the next version of the specification). Since the basics were known to me, I was more curious about what will be the scope of JSR-333.