Setting up PhpStorm for use as a FLOW3 IDE - Part II

This second post about using PhpStorm as a FLOW3 IDE deals with setting up a project, as promised in the last post.
Once you've actually created a project (which should be as simple as opening a directory, PhpStorm detects things like the version control system on it's own), you could code away happily. But there are some configuration bits that can make your life easier.


Setting up PhpStorm for use as a FLOW3 IDE

The world has seen it's share of PHP IDEs during the past years. All the time we had to envy the Java folks for their really well-working IDEs and the support they provided while coding.

Then came along JetBrains and produced something called PhpStorm. I frowned upon the mixed-case use of Php but gave it a try. I liked it. Then the JetBrains people gave a free license to the core developer team of the TYPO3 project. That's when other also started to adopt it. By now I have the feeling that most people around me use it.

As with all powerful tools some customization is needed to make it work the way you need. So here goes a list of things you should customize to get the best out of PhpStorm when developing on and with FLOW3. This post deals with overall settings - another post on setting up a custom project to deal with FLOW3 specifics will follow.


Setting up PEAR with MacPorts

For a long time I am a happy MacPorts user now. My standard PHP setup has always included the pear variant:
port install php5 +apache2 +fastcgi +pear
Until now.


Unit testing FLOW3 with PhpStorm

One thing I do a lot is run unit tests. And it seemed PhpStorm wasn't quite able to work in my setup, Probably because I thought too complicated, actually it works fine.


PHP, Xdebug and PhpStorm - working!

For a long time I have been waiting for a PHP debugger that works. Until now, that was only ever half the case.
  • Eclipse required me to set up overly complicated debug profiles
  • NetBeans was also going into that direction
  • MacGDBp always triggered and allowed to step through the code, but variable inspection is broken
PhpStorm had it's share of trouble as well, but yesterday I experienced a working debug session. Just like that, deep variable inspection and stepping through the code just worked. Today I looked into CLI debugging because Robert needed that for some complicated FLOW3 task. Also works, although it requires one step that should not be needed. Anyway, here we go.