Unit testing FLOW3 with PhpStorm

One thing I do a lot is run unit tests. And it seemed PhpStorm wasn't quite able to work in my setup, Probably because I thought too complicated, actually it works fine.


PHP, Xdebug and PhpStorm - working!

For a long time I have been waiting for a PHP debugger that works. Until now, that was only ever half the case.
  • Eclipse required me to set up overly complicated debug profiles
  • NetBeans was also going into that direction
  • MacGDBp always triggered and allowed to step through the code, but variable inspection is broken
PhpStorm had it's share of trouble as well, but yesterday I experienced a working debug session. Just like that, deep variable inspection and stepping through the code just worked. Today I looked into CLI debugging because Robert needed that for some complicated FLOW3 task. Also works, although it requires one step that should not be needed. Anyway, here we go.